Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'Diet Recipes' Zone Diet

An alternative for those who suffer from overweight than the diet: the Zone diet. Dr. nutritionist. By Barry Sears developed the diet, and health without undermining the aims without Open.

Zone on the basis of 'the food you eat, where it is so important drug' lies in the idea. Food, medicines used to control the rate of insulin is seen as. Sears also says that carbohydrates such as pasta, apples, "to trick the body, suppressing the feeling of hunger is actually very simple. This is the body of protein, carbohydrate, fat balance will provide," he says.

Main rules

Water-best friend.
Sugar enemy!

Eat the palm-sized proteins, not larger.

2 of 3 in each dish you eat carbohydrates, protein, will be 3 1.

Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, bananas, grapes strictly prohibited.

Necessarily limited to fat to burn fat is essential.
Olive oil and fish oil should be preferred.

Fasting is strictly prohibited.

Not later than 1 hour after you wake up to breakfast

After 5 hours to eat the lunch.

Not later than 5 hours after lunch, afternoon snack.

After 3 hours between the evening snack or a light dinner.

Exercise is very important.

Preparing the Zone menu

Divide your plate 3.
2 of 3 equal parts of sheep-carbohydrate foods.

(Carbohydrate foods: Raw or cooked vegetables, fruit. Carbohydrate is rice and pasta, vegetables except corn and carrots, Get)

1. proteins in the directory section. (Proteins: The skin from the chicken, turkey, fish, lean meats, egg whites and low-fat dairy products)
This is also a small amount of unsaturated fat on a plate in a Zone menu string can end up with another doctor. (Olive oil and fish oil)

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