Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can You Be Fit and Fat?

YES: In fact, it's a worthy goal.
Steven Blair, PED, professor of exercise science, epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of South Carolina

It's better than being thin and unfit.
Overweight people who exercise just 150 minutes a week have half the risk of mortality of normal-weight people who don't exercise at all, according to research I conducted. That's not true once you move from overweight (meaning a body mass index, or BMI, of 25 to 29.9) to obese (a BMI of 30 or more). But being fit and a little fat seems to be fine.
Weight alone doesn't raise disease risk-lack of fitness does.
In one study, half of overweight adults and one-third of obese people who were active had normal blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar, putting them at normal risk for heart disease and diabetes, which are both supposedly caused by weight.

Getting fit is more realistic than getting slim.
For most people, diets don't work in the long term. We ought to be thinking about different strategies. It's far easier for a fat person to get fit than thin.

You can't be obese and fit.
Unless you're in that tiny fraction of the population-like pro athletes or the very muscular-whose muscle mass explains their high BMI. For most people with a BMI of 30 or more, their fitness is reduced by their weight, and their risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease goes up.

Exercise doesn't erase all the risks of being heavy.
Yes, physical activity is important, but so is watching what you eat. Most studies show that both diet and exercise are important for diabetes prevention, for instance. And a study in the journal Obesity suggests that people with the highest BMIs have unhealthy eating habits.

Playing down the problem of excess weight is dangerous.
If you're heavy, you can cut your mortality risk by eating well and exercising-but research suggests that even active obese people are at 91% greater risk of dying than active people of normal weight.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

High rates of tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B

High rates of tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B are found in migrants coming to live as long-term residents in Britain, according to a report.

Three-quarters of tuberculosis cases reported in Britain last year were born abroad, with many diagnosed two or more years after their arrival.

Almost two-thirds of newly diagnosed cases of HIV and 80 per cent of hepatitis B infected blood donors in 2010 were born abroad.
The Health Protection Agency (HPA) report says 12 per cent of people living in Britain in 2010 were born abroad - up from 8 per cent in 2001.

'A small proportion of the non-UK born residents bear the greatest burden of infectious disease reported in the UK,' it says.

The report found that half of migrants with newly diagnosed HIV had probably become infected in Britain.
Migrants going back to visit family and friends are the 'main risk group' for infections such as malaria and enteric fever diagnosed in Britain, it reports.

Almost two-thirds of malaria cases reported here last year and 87 per cent of enteric fever cases were among migrants who travelled abroad to visit friends and relatives, said the agency.

Dr Jane Jones, head of the travel and migrant section at HPA, said: 'The majority of non-UK born residents do not have infectious disease but some are at higher risk than UK-born residents because of their exposures and their life experiences prior to, during and after migration.

'It is important to remember that risk to non-UK born residents does not end on arrival in the UK,' she added.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fitness Inspiration for Cancer Patients

Those who have cancer may feel like the treatments are more draining than the disease itself. These can sap their energy, making them feel weak and tired all of the time. They may even feel nauseous and sick. This is not the way that they want to live, and they will be glad to know that it is not the way that they have to live. Something that many people do not realize is that exercise can really help them to overcome these feelings. It can help them to regain their strength and to feel better.
Increased Strength
First of all, exercise can help them by increasing their muscle mass and making them physically stronger. The body will be weak already, so this strength can help them to feel like they are able to be more active. They will be able to do more things, showing them that their life can still be as fulfilling as they desire.

Better Blood-Flow and a Higher Heart Rate
Any exercise gets the heart working. This helps to prevent blood clots and other such problems. The rising heart rate can also make them feel less lethargic. This is one of the reasons that cancer patients have been shown to have a lower risk of a reoccurrence of cancer if they are exercising frequently.

An Improved Outlook
Exercise can just help people to feel better in an emotional sense. They will be more awake and alert. This will improve their mood. It can also help them to connect with those around them.

The Best Exercises
Some exercises are ideal for cancer survivors. One such exercise is simply stretching. Increased flexibility helps with blood flow and allows more exercises to be possible. Resistance training with weights or machines is also a good idea since patients will have often lose muscle mass during their treatment. They could also have gained fat, and having larger muscles will help them to burn it off. As they start to feel better, aerobic exercises such as walking or swimming are encouraged. These can also help to reduce fat.

How To Stay Motivated
When someone is not feeling well, it can be hard for them to want to do anything, let alone work out. They need to keep the positives in mind so that they can be encouraged to continue working out. They need to set goals for themselves. Even small goals, such as walking for a mile, can be helpful. Furthermore, they could reward themselves when they accomplish certain things. They should also think of exercise as a way of showing cancer that it cannot rule their life.

Many doctors and patients have noticed the benefits of exercise and healthy living throughout cancer treatment. Many hospitals have open fitness classes, and some gyms offer course designed for cancer patients or survivors. No matter what, patients with an unfavorable cancer prognosis, lean towards some sort of exercise routine. They are fun, social, and exciting ways to learn how to challenge the body.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Use Daily Deals for the perfect night's sleep

There is nothing that quite beats a good night's sleep. Waking up feeling fully rested especially when the hot weather hits is a luxury. At Christmas time it's not just the anticipation of all the gifts under the tree that can cause sleepless nights the hot temperatures can cause the bedroom to become a sweat pit but by searching online for 'daily deals Sydney' you can find some cheap products that can provide the cooling affect you need.
After hitting that search button there was a great daily deal offer with a solution to this problem- a duvet that allows you to stay cool! Heaven! The duvet is made of 'cool wool' a mixture of cotton and wool so it will provide a warm comfort without leaving you with those ominous wet pools on your pyjamas. No night's sleep is ever as satisfying without some sort of cover but when the heat is at its maximum getting rid of your duvet or sheet is the first thing to happen and with all the mozzies around you are also risking your skin becoming a nice feast!

This duvet is not only great for summer but can even be used for spring and autumn too so you don't have to pack it away for a few months. The best thing about using daily deals sites is this premium products can be found at a knocked down price, this Australian quilt can be bought for just $99 when its normally $259 - a huge saving!

There is a whole selection of products which is updated daily on these daily deals Sydney area sites so you can find not just a new duvet but lots of other home comforts to make your summer season a relaxed one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What To Do About Your Wrinkles

Actress Kristen Johnston says wrinkles are hot. Kristin Davis says smile lines are beautiful. For men, maybe, but for us ladies, definitely not!

Wrinkles are what many women struggle against daily. Makeup can cover lines and creases to a certain extent, but it's just not that effective unless it's been expertly applied and is long lasting. There are more effective solutions, brought to you by the cosmetic medical industry, but may sound a little odd to you. How about one of these?

Keep Your Skin Smooth With These Wrinkle Treatments:
1. A poison: When you get right down to it, BOTOX is a poison, but that's why it's so effective at treating wrinkles. Featuring botulinum toxin, it is injected into the muscle that is primarily responsible for making the wrinkle or crease in the overlying skin, relaxing it so that it doesn't contract as much. BOTOX is FDA approved as a wrinkle treatment for frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines. BOTOX (as well as other products featuring botulinum toxin, like Dysport) is considered the top cosmetic medical treatment in North America according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. There were over 5.3 million procedures
performed in 2010. Looks like this poison's popular!

2. Snake or bee venom: With the popularity of BOTOX, cosmetic manufacturers are scrambling to find alternatives that work in the same way - which is how snake or and bee venom have become the products of choice for many celebs, including Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Naomi Campbell. Call it a topical version of BOTOX, since they all come in cream/serum form.

3. Hyaluronic acid: Add a little more hyaluronic acid in your skin through an injectable filler, and you'll find your wrinkles smooth away. Hyaluronic acid binds to water, and more water in your skin means more suppleness and volume - which is how the wrinkles are smoothed out. You can even enhance your facial contours, making them more prominent.

Stacie Morris is a writer for Botox Ottawa. Stacie's primary concern? Wrinkles, of course! Her favourite treatment is a customized skincare regimen at home (which includes peptide-rich products) and Botox.

References: ASPS 2010 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics Visit Here

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mesothelioma - Some Risk Factors

Mesothelioma is a deadly lung cancer that is most frequently caused by asbestos exposure. It can manifest in the lungs, the lining of the abdomen and the pericardium. It is estimated that almost 80% of all diagnoses are made because of exposure to asbestos. Although mesothelioma is directly linked to asbestos exposure but there are some other risk factors that can be a cause of mesothelioma.
Workplace Exposure
One of the major risk factor for developing mesothelioma is asbestos exposure at work. Occupations such as mining, insulation manufacturers, shipbuilding, pipefitters, railroad workers and those who are in construction are at high risk. Because of its insulating and heat-resistant nature, asbestos was once commonly used in insulation, flooring, cement and many other common products. Individuals who had prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers are at a greater risk.

Non-Occupational Risks
Families of those who are exposed to airborne asbestos particles as well as those who live near industrial plants or mines are at an increased risk.

Zeolites are microporous crystalline solids which are chemical similar to asbestos. Zeolites are widely used for the preparation of advanced materials and in nuclear reprocessing. Accoridng to clinical studies, it has proved that long term persistence of Zeolites (fibrous erionite) can lead to malignant mesothelioma. This will make zeolites a solid suspect in the formation of mesothelioma.

SV40 is a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and human, is also another risk factor of this fatal disease. Clinical findings suggest that experimental animals were developed mesothelioma when injected with SV40. Researches also showed that traces of SV40 have also found in the biopsy samples of mesothelioma patients.

According to some recent clinical research it has been discovered that ionizing radiation is another risk factor for developing mesothelioma. Radiation exposed individuals such as patients exposed to the diagnostic X-ray contrast medium "Thorotrast," or atomic energy workers chronically exposed to lower levels of radiation are at also at risk of developing this disease.

Although smoking is not the direct cause of mesothelioma development, but studies show that smokers exposed to asbestos are much likely to develop the cancer than non smokers with the same exposure. It is probably due to those cigarettes that were sold earlier by P. Lorillard Tobacco Company, which contained asbestos in the filters. Each cigarette contained approximately 10mg of asbestos material, putting these smokers at high risk for developing life threatening disease.

Since mesothelioma is incurable, but taking some precautionary steps will reduce your risk of exposure to asbestos, thereby decreasing your risk for developing mesothelioma.

Author Bio:
Rachel Smith is a web enthusiast and professional webmaster of MesotheliomaResourceOnline. She loves to write about mesothelioma research findings that help people and their loved ones suffering from mesothelioma.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of tenancy cleaning and its importance

Hiring an end of lease company for a rented property is not only beneficial to the owner but also gives a mental satisfaction to the tenants, when they leave behind a well-cleaned property. It does not matter how well and organized you lived in that home; all that matters is how you leave a property.
Suppose, you are the proud owner of a property and your tenants are about to leave your home to move somewhere else. You will make sure that they leave the property in a good condition, as you will be soon showing the vacant premises to the prospective tenant. Tenants or buyers always look for clean properties., which smell and sound good. A sort-of-clean premises will not give you the desired results.

End of tenancy cleaning is not like routine cleaning jobs just ask end of tenancy cleaning London professionals. It means deep cleaning your home and everything containing it. Vacuuming hard to reach places and giving heed to small details are just two of the many things that must be practiced while conducting an end of tenancy cleaning. You must possess the equipment to undertake a cleaning job.

Importance of hiring an end of lease company

An end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough, deep clean service carried out by professional employees of a cleaning company. These skilled guys will do everything related to making a home spic and span, like cleaning external windows, driveway cleaning, cleaning the chimney and mowing the lawn, trimming the garden hedges and the list is endless. They will clean all parts of your rented property. The most important benefit of hiring professionals to clean is that they will clean the smallest things that you can never think about, light switches, plugs sockets, light fittings, bulbs etc. They carry their own products and equipment and use steam cleaning machines on bathrooms and kitchens. They also perform grout cleaning, making the property spotless.

Generally when people sign a lease with a property owner, they are bound to get the property cleaned as and when they leave it. But even if it is not written into the original contract, to leave a property in a good health is always a good idea. On top of all, by performing end of tenancy cleaning you ensure that you will receive your deposit back without trouble. And your landlord will do it out of pleasure and not with a frowned forehead.

Suppose, you lent a car to an old friend of yours for a day or two. The least you can expect from him is to return it back in the same condition it was taken from you. The same is the case with a rented property. As a tenant, you can not just avoid it, on the pretext of being busy with packing and finding a new home. You can always hire professionals for the same. Browse through the internet, ask your friends for references and you will get the right deal.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tai chi classes make exercise accessible to people of all fitness levels

Few things are as important to maintaining overall health as getting regular exercise. Physical activity helps a person keep unwanted pounds away and it works out the cardiovascular system, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

Still, many people find it difficult to find activities that suit their interests or ability levels. For these individuals, tai chi exercises may be just the thing they need to maintain their health without forcing them into uncomfortable situations.

Tai chi exercises involve slow, calculated movements that are done while trying to achieve a calm state of mind. Because the workout is so low-impact, just about anyone can participate, including seniors and individuals who have not exercised for many years.
Just because the workout regimen is low-impact does not mean that is has little effect on a person's health. In fact, it is just the opposite. Participating in tai chi classes often leads to major cardiovascular and respiratory benefits. Furthermore, individuals are less likely to experience mental disorders like depression. Practitioners say the workout has a profound effect.

"It keeps you fit. I think it creates a lot more energy for me," Terry Lorenz, who recently started a tai chi club in Georgia, told the Savannah Morning News. "I was never a runner or lifted weights. I played baseball all my life and I was looking for something to replace that. It's worked well."

He added that most workout regimens focus on building specific muscles. Individuals will lift weights or do other thing to target each muscle of the body separately. However, tai chi is different in that it seeks to improve the fitness of the body as a whole. For this reason, exercises involve the entire body.

These types of benefits may be particularly important for seniors, who often have difficultly participating in vigorous physical activities. Tai chi can provide them with another option that is just as effective a workout but is less strenuous physically.

While most people think that they need to work themselves hard in order to gain any benefit from exercising, this is simply not the case. Low-impact workouts like tai chi exercises can enable individuals to gain the same physical health benefits of more intensive workouts like running or biking without the heavy demands on the body.

In this way, even individuals who previously thought they were not fit enough for exercise can gain the important health benefits of physical activity.

Dahn Yoga is one of the largest yoga and tai chi companies in the world with its own unique style and brand of yoga. Dahn Yoga is rooted in the rich history of an ancient Asian mind-body practice, Sun Do, and in the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Battling the bulging belly? Learn about stomach muscles here

What can be more pleasing about your body than a flat toned tummy? Most people trying to lose weight are actually trying only to get rid of a bulging belly.

The stomach muscle, human body's major muscle group, unfortunately, is also the first place where we tend to gather all the fat. Hence, for obvious reasons the stomach fat is also a major motivator to hit the gym and eat healthy. However, before you dive in to get the tummy tucked in, it is crucial that you understand the core of your abdominal muscles.

Here are few things to know before you get working on your stomach muscles:
  1. Your abdominal muscles won't be even close to being like that of anyone else's. So, avoid expecting to see similar changes in the same time period.
  2. The best forms of exercises that help in toning the stomach muscles are - stretching and rigourous, regular exercising.
  3. The only one form of exercise that helps you get your tummy in shape is swimming. It is proven to be the best exercise to tone your stomach muscles. Not only does it have cardiovascular benefits, it also works on the stomach muscles in a way that's said to be more useful than most stationary exercises.
  4. It is extremely crucial to take utmost care before you hit the gym for abdominal exercises. Straining ones back is the biggest and most commin risk when it comes to exercises for stomach tightening. If you've a back problem you can also try using flex belt or trx training to lose belly fat.
  5. There's an exception always. Few of us don't have what is called the pyramidalis muscle, and hence, in simple words would never have that perfect washboard abs. Rigorous workout may take it to six packs but not eight.
  6. Remember there is a difference between building exercises and toning workouts. You can't get into toning your stomach without a workout that concentrates on the abdominal muscles alone. So, while the whole body has to work in tangent, the belly needs specialized attention.
  7. Often ignored but the simplest and highly rewarding exercises are the warm ups, mostly streaching. Bending and twisting are all touted as the best ways to start what can then be a fruitful workout session.
  8. A little Yoga can bring the much needed comfort to your regime. With all the wear and tear, yoga will calm your strained muscles while pumping more energy to achieve the flat stomach you have set out to get.
The key is to remember that any successful exercise routine needs to concentrate on both strengthening and stretching the stomach muscles but more importantly the battle is half won if you find an exercise routine which you thoroughly enjoy. Any activity which boosts your posture and abdominal strength, without stressing the back muscles is bound to get you toned.

Nothing beats sincere efforts and smart healthy choices from getting the long dreamt toned muscles; so all you need to do is pick up the chart and draw a schedule to watch the belly woes fade out of your life!

Latasri is a fitness freak who likes to look for coupons and discounts for fitness equipment online. She also likes to share her experiences with fellow bloggers about flex belts and trx training programs. In her website she makes available trx discount for 2011 and flex belt discount that helps in weight loss.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes extreme sweating, which can be recurring or even non-stop. Areas commonly affected by this condition are the underarms, palms of hands, and soles of feet. Hyperhidrosis can cause those afflicted to be embarassed or uneasy in public, and can interrupt normal daily activities. Sometimes the condition can get aggravated, making for worse conditions than just the usual sweating. There are two types of Hyperhidrosis, Focal Hyperhidrosis and Generalized Hyperhidrosis, the cause having to do with the bodys sweat glands. There are various ways to treat Hyperhidrosis.

People normally sweat when they are in hot conditions, nervous or stressed. However, those suffering from Hyperhidrosis sweat an abnormally large amount, often to the point of soaking through clothing. Also, the palms of their hands and soles of their feet are often very clammy or literally dripping wet with sweat. These over-sweaty episodes normally happen at least once at week, and are unprovoked. It is hard to lead a normal life with this condition, as having wet hands or wearing a shirt with drenched armpits makes it hard to work and/or have a social life. Also, suffering from this condition always carries the threat of body odor, which makes it even harder to relax around others.

Focal Hyperhidrosis affects the underarms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet, normally while awake. This type of Hyperhidrosis can occur for the first time before the age of twenty, and is not usually related to another condition. Generalized Hyperhidrosis affects much larger areas of the body and very well may be related to another condition, including, but not limited to: low blood sugar, leukemia, heart attack, infections disease, and lymphoma.

When Hyperhidrosis gets out of hand, complications can arise, such as warts, fungal infections in fingernails and toenails, bacterial infections, and other skin conditions. Eczema and other skin rashes tend to be more likely to be found on people with Hyperhidrosis. Also, those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis sometimes suffer severe psychologically and socially.

Hyperhidrosis can be treated several different ways. If your condition is light to moderate, your doctor may have you try aluminum chloride, which is a prescription antiperspirant. For more generalized sweating, anticholinergic drugs may need to be used. Iontophoresis is another treatment, in which a dermatologist gives a weak electric shock to the affected areas, while the patient is in water. Botox injections can be used to treat Hyperhidrosis, however, the results are temporary, only lasting a few months. If none of these treatments help, surgery to remove the sweat glands is an option.

Monday, December 5, 2011

What You Need to Know About Mesothelioma in Children

Mesothelioma is deadly type of cancer that is most frequently caused by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is mostly found in older people but children can also suffer from this disease. Mesothelioma in children is extremely difficult to diagnose because it is rarely found in kids. In addition, in adults development of mesothelioma takes years after the exposure to asbestos, but with children, it is still not known.

What Causes Mesothelioma in Children?
Mesothelioma in adults is caused by asbestos exposure and takes decades before the cancer is diagnosed. It is because asbestos fibers that enter the body remain embedded in the body for decades before being diagnosed. On the other hand, when it is diagnosed in children, they generally do not live long enough. Mesothelioma in children can be linked to asbestos but it can be occur without asbestos exposure. Researchers are looking for hereditary links and other possible causes.

Types of Mesothelioma in Children
Since pleural mesothelioma is most commonly found in adults, while in children most cases are diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma cancer. The latency period before mesothelioma symptoms start to manifest can take decades. While with kids diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma, it is not the case.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma in Children
Peritoneal mesothelioma is the most common type found in children. Mesothelioma symptoms are closely associated with other common viral illnesses, therefore it is extremely difficult to diagnose mesothelioma. Studies have shown that children that are diagnosed with mesothelioma manifested similar symptoms to that of adults. Some common symptoms include:

  • Abdominal distention
  • Weight loss
  • Abdominal mass
  • Abdomen pain caused by excessive fluid
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Chest pain
  • Weight loss
  • Husky voice
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Fever
  • Anemia
  • Inability to sleep
  • Loss of appetite

Mesothelioma in children is rare and difficult to diagnose. Therefore, it is advised to discuss mesothelioma with your doctor for early diagnosis of the disease because early detection can increase the chances of cure.

Mesothelioma Treatment
Although there is no effective treatment discovered to treat and diagnose this fatal type of cancer. But oncologists and researchers are searching for mesothelioma treatment options to specifically treat children that are suffering from mesothelioma. Since mesothelioma is a rare disease in children, therefore treating mesothelioma in children is a challenge for doctors. Malignant mesothelioma is usually fatal and once the symptoms manifest; death occurs within 18 months.

Researchers and oncologists are still hoping that they will discover effective ways to diagnose and treat mesothelioma in children that can extend the life expectancy of children with mesothelioma.

Author Bio: Rachel Smith is a web enthusiast and professional webmaster of She loves to write about mesothelioma research findings that help people and their loved ones suffering from mesothelioma.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to treat low female libido?

With their sex life going down the drain, millions of women all over the world suffer from low or no libido problems. For starters, they don't want to have sex, and even if they try they never reach the desired heights and conclude its better not to make out at all. It is difficult to share an intimate relation with your partner if you do not feel the desire to have sex with him. After all, sex plays an important part in any relationship. Not only limited to show your partner how much you love them, it is the most natural desire anyone can ever feel once turned on.

It is not only a man who craves for sex; women equally wish to share the pleasure and contentment of having a healthy sexual life. A long romantic night full of pleasurable orgasms is nothing more a woman desires. Creating a balance between work, family, kids and husband, it at times becomes impossible for women to think for their own well being and sexual desires. The pressure by partners to have quick sex, too much disturbance in the surroundings, pre occupied minds are all factors leading to malfunctioning of libido.

For over centuries this problem has been cured by natural herbs and libido diet foods have been planned specifically for people who want to regain their libido power naturally. Once used in formulation, these natural remedies turn out to be very successful.

You are not the only one suffering from libido problems. To brush away your anxiety, female libido enhancer Hersolution offers the most natural herbal supplement to increase your libido in the most natural way. With no delusional promises, Hersolution offers minimum side effects with maximum benefits to bring back your currently dying libido without further worries. Prepared purely from herbs, the treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals which would impact other parts of a woman's body.

The pill is designed to not only have sex but to enjoy it fully. Reviews and research confirm that women get so turned on by just consuming one tablet that they desire to have sex immediately. Formulated with utmost care, Hersolution contains herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs which naturally stimulates women organs, making them sensitive to pleasure resulting in more frequent and remarkably intense orgasms. The females desire to be in bed for a longer period and are fully able to share the art of love making with their partners.

More confident as ever, females using Hersolution feel more empowered with the remote of their sexual life in their hands. Too good to be true, Hersolution is the only product with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the sexual desire you intend to achieve. Various products are available at the shelves as well as online promising to work wonders when it comes to female libido enhancers. Do not get trapped in false promises and fictitious reviews. Buy what is best for yourself, and always remember to consult a physician before using any medication.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Stay Flu-Free for the Holidays

The overlap of the cold and flu season with the holiday season can make it a challenge to stay healthy as you go to parties and get together with family and friends.

Getting a flu shot is important, but other precautions can also reduce your risk of getting sick or of spreading illness to others, according to a Ryerson University news release.

Here are some tips for a healthy holiday:

  • When you have to cough or sneeze, do it in your sleeve or the inside of your sweater or jacket. That will prevent the spread of viruses to those nearby.
  • Wash your hands regularly and always after using the restroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose.
  • Use the air kiss or fake peck on the cheek instead of a kiss on the lips when greeting family and friends.
  • Always use serving spoons or forks never your fingers to put food on your plate. If you're hosting a party, be sure to supply plenty of serving utensils and provide people with alternatives to reaching into bowls, such as making individual servings.
  • Find creative ways to personalize cups so that people don't accidentally mix them up. Don't serve beverages in their original containers because people might get confused about which bottle or can belongs to them.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it before you eat any food or touch your face, particularly your nose and mouth. This will help protect you against viruses you may have picked up from doorknobs, shopping cart handles, handrails and faucets.
  • When you attend religious services, try to stay three to six feet away from others and don't share the communion wine goblet. Instead of shaking hands and hugging, use a friendly wave or elbow tap to greet others.
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep, which is important for keeping your immune system strong.
  • If you develop a cold or flu, stay at home until you feel better.

More information

The American Academy of Family Physicians has more about preventing the flu.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Stress accounts for 80 % of all migraines, according to a study in the journal Cephalalgia. That's because it causes fluctuations in cortisol and adrenaline - the fight-or-flight hormones - which can lead to pain and nausea, says Sheena K. Aurora, MD, medical director of the Headache Center at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Stress can also make you clench your jaw and neck muscles, causing neck pain that, in turn, can set off tension headaches.
Trigger Tamer: Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and massage can help. Or consider a mind-body technique called biofeedback - get more information from the Association for Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

By Winnie Yu Scherer

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prescription Lawsuits in Abroad - Do They Really Affect You?

If an unsafe drug lawsuit is taken out in a country you don’t live in, does it affect you? Yes, if the drug in question is also prescribed or available in your country. Such a lawsuit can also have a knock on effect where it raises the issue of a certain drug or type of drug: so ultimately it depends on the precise kind of lawsuit that is being brought.

If a person successfully sues a company as a result of taking one of its prescription drugs or over the counter drugs, and either that drug or that type of drug is pending for approval in your country of residence – then you probably aren’t going to see it in a hurry. So if you were waiting for it to be approved so you could start taking it, the unsafe drugs lawsuit we give example of here is clearly going to affect you.

That said, of course, if the drug you wanted is proven to be dangerous then it will affect you in a good way – by protecting you from that potential danger.

If the drug is causing secondary side effects – i.e. side effects that occur as a result of the effect of the drug, rather than a result of the actual physical components of the drug – then a foreign lawsuit may also affect you, because it will raise awareness of a type of drug as being more dangerous than was previously supposed. You also find drugs with unknown long term side effects come into this area – Thalidomide being a major example. Without the unsafe drug lawsuit brought by thousands of Britons against the manufacturers of Thalidomide, the extraordinarily dangerous long term effects of its use would still be un-ratified.

That’s an important point, actually. Ratification is a big part of the efficacy of unsafe drug claims: once one is successful, the public suspicion of that drug or kind of drug is confirmed. Ultimately the unsafe drug trial, from this point of view, becomes a way for the public to protect itself against less scrupulous drug manufacturers as well as against the unlooked for side effects of particular drugs.

In other words: all dangerous drug claims, made anywhere in the world, have a bearing on your life. From this wider viewpoint, we all need unsafe drug lawsuits simply so that we can maintain a world in which it is possible to bring an unsafe drug lawsuit into being. Because without them we would have no sure fire way of taking the drug companies to account when something goes wrong, or is suspected of going wrong.

Drug companies are often driven by profit – we all know that. And in a world where the companies that make the pills and potions we rely on to stay healthy (and in some cases even to save our lives when things go wrong) are as motivated by money as they are by the urge to cure and palliate, then it’s up to us to fight for our rights as consumers. The best way to do that? By keeping the drug manufacturers afraid of losing big money if an unsafe drugs lawsuit is brought against them.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taking too much paracetamol

Victims of 'staggered' overdoses often fail to realise the amount they are taking could be fatal over a few days, they say.

Experts have also pointed out, however, that many of us will be taking paracetamol or combination remedies containing the drug this winter to combat colds and flu, and that it is a safe and effective painkiller when the correct amount is taken.

A study shows the risk of dying from liver failure is higher from accidental overdose than deliberate suicide attempts.

This is because people report feeling unwell to GPs or accident and emergency departments without knowing the cause, making it difficult to diagnose and treat in time.

It is too easy to 'top up' the dose without realising the dangers, they warn.

Eight 500mg tablets a day – the equivalent of 4g – should be the maximum daily dose.

In the study, a team led by Dr Kenneth Simpson analysed data from 663 patients who had been admitted to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary between 1992 and 2008 with liver damage caused by paracetamol.

Tragedy: Donna Bishop overdosed on paracetamol

Donna Bishop overdose in paracetamol
They found 161 people with an average age of 40 had taken a staggered overdose, usually to relieve stomach and back pain, headache or toothache.

Two out of five died from liver failure – a higher fatality rate than recorded for deliberate overdosing, says a report in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Dr Simpson, of Edinburgh University and the Scottish Liver Transplantation Unit, said staggered overdoses can occur when people have pain and repeatedly take a little more paracetamol than they should.

He said: 'They haven't taken the sort of one-off massive overdoses taken by people who try to commit suicide, but over time the damage builds up and the effect can be fatal.

'They are often taking paracetamol for pain and they don't keep track of how much they've consumed over a few days.

'But on admission, these staggered overdose patients were more likely to have liver and brain problems, require kidney dialysis or help with breathing and were at greater risk of dying than people who had taken single overdoses.'

Hospital doctors may find low levels of paracetamol in the blood of people suffering from staggered overdoses even though they are at high risk of liver failure and death. Dr Simpson said some people reacted worse to a lower dose than others, with high alc0hol consumption exacerbating the problem – and it was not possible to identify them in advance.

He said 10g was the lowest amount in the study leading to death while 24g over 24 hours was a recognised fatal dose.

'The safest thing to do is monitor how much you're taking and do not exceed eight 500mg tablets in a day,' he said.

Normal quantities of the drug are broken down harmlessly by the body but excessive amounts can accumulate in the liver, leading to irreversible damage.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“energy” drinks skyrockets ER Visits for Energy-Drink Ills Soar in U.S.

As the popularity of non-alcoholic "energy" drinks skyrockets, so do related health problems, a new study finds.

In 2009, U.S. emergency rooms treated almost 10 times more cases of reactions to beverages such as Monster and Rockstar than they did in 2005, according to a new U.S. government report released Tuesday.

More than 13,000 ER visits related to the highly caffeinated drinks were reported in 2009, said researchers from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Nearly half the emergencies occurred after the beverages were mixed with alcohol or other drugs, and young adults aged 18 to 25 accounted for more than half of those cases, the researchers found.

"A lot of attention has been paid to energy drinks that have alcohol in them and everybody understands that the effect of that can be pretty serious, but energy drinks by themselves can have adverse effects," said lead author Albert Woodward, project director of SAMHSA's Drug Abuse Warning Network.

Sales of these flavored drinks soared 240 percent from 2004 to 2009, Woodward said. Popular brands include Red Bull, Full Throttle (produced by Coca-Cola) and AMP, in addition to Monster and Rockstar.

The drinks contain stimulants such as caffeine, and the amount of caffeine in a can or bottle varies by brand. Whereas a five-ounce cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine and a 12-ounce cola about 50 mg, some energy drinks contain about 80 mg, others as much as 500 mg, according to the report.

"That's a huge dose of caffeine," said Dr. Jeffrey N. Bernstein, medical director of the Florida Poison Information Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

High doses of caffeine can cause abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, dehydration and other serious conditions.

"Many of the patients who come in have anxiety and their heart is pounding and they are just feeling sick," Bernstein said.

The drinks, sold in cans and bottles in grocery stores, vending machines, bars and other places, are marketed to young people. Up to 50 percent of children, teens and young adults use them, the researchers said in the report.

For the study, the investigators reviewed data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network, which monitors drug-related hospital emergency department visits reported throughout the United States. In 2005, more than 1,100 people sought emergency treatment for adverse reactions to energy drinks. By 2009, ERs treated over 13,000 energy drink patients. More than 16,000 such visits occurred in 2008, the most ever, the researchers found.

Alcohol, pharmaceuticals or illicit drugs were associated with 44 percent of the emergencies, and 52 percent of those visits involved patients 18 to 25 years old.

Overall, young adults between 18 and 39 years old made up more than three-quarters of all the ER visits, and 64 percent were men, the data showed.

Men were twice as likely as women to use alcohol and drugs along with an energy drink. But, more women than men combined energy drinks with pharmaceuticals, the researchers reported.

People who combine these energy drinks with substances of abuse have a raised risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injury, the study authors noted in a SAMHSA news release. In addition, there is a greater likelihood that they will engage in risky behaviors, including driving under the influence.

A group representing beverage makers took issue with the report, however.

"This paper is a troubling example of statistics taken out of context," said a statement released Tuesday by the American Beverage Association (ABA). "Of the more than 123 million visits made to emergency room facilities each year, less than one-hundredth of one percent involved people who consumed energy drinks according to this report."

The ABA goes on to note that, "energy drinks and their ingredients are safe and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration," adding that the report "does not show that energy drinks cause misuse of alcohol."

Nevertheless, some people are especially susceptible to caffeine, Bernstein believes. "If you are susceptible to high blood pressure, it can also be a risk," he said. "If you overdo it, a night in the ER is no day at the beach," he noted.

By: Steven Reinberg

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Screening has failed, the check it yourself breast cancer survival guide

There is growing disquiet in the medical community. The NHS breast-cancer screening programme, which invites all women to have three-yearly X-rays (mammograms) from the age of 50, has been said by some doctors to 'do more harm than good'.

This, coupled with the fact that one woman in eight now develops the disease 5,000 more diagnoses a year than a decade before and reports that many cases are dismissed by GPs who don't recognise symptoms, makes for confusing reading.

What all experts agree on is that early diagnosis is key to successful treatment. 'When a breast cancer is picked up through a routine screening mammogram, it's often cured,' says Lester Barr, a consultant breast cancer surgeon at the Christie Hospital in Manchester.

'When the disease is picked up through discovering a lump, the chances of a cure drop as the cancer is likely to be more advanced.'

Mr Barr admits that screening, which was introduced in 1988, could be improved but women should not be put off having mammograms. 'There is an argument that screening catches tiny tumours that would never have grown, meaning women go through unnecessary worry and treatment. And perhaps we need to better target women who are at risk.

'All women need to make sure they are doing enough themselves to ensure early detection. There are still women who know surprisingly little about how a breast should feel and look.' Here, Britain's leading experts give their essential guide that every woman should read.

Breast cancer is hereditary in ten per cent of cases so it is vital for a woman to know her family history, says Professor Gareth Evans, consultant in genetic medicine at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester. 'Look for any patterns on one side of the family such as a mother, grandmother, aunt and first cousin who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. If there are at least two first-degree relatives – ie a mother and sister – who have had the disease, the risk is greater,' explains Prof Evans. The younger a woman is diagnosed the more likely it will be that her breast cancer has been caused by an inherited defective gene.

The rogue genes, known as BRCA 1, BRCA 2 and P53, can be identified through a blood test. But this can be done only if a woman has a living relative who has had breast cancer and can provide a blood sample. Those who carry the genes have an 85 per cent risk of getting breast cancer. The options for women with a strong family history or who have been identified as carrying the faulty breast-cancer gene include yearly MRI scans and mammograms on the NHS. 'Together these can pick up 90 to 95 per cent of breast cancers early,' explains Prof Evans. 'But some women opt for a pre-emptive strike by having their breasts removed.'

Prof Evans is leading a study into the use of the drug tamoxifen, which may reduce the risk of breast cancer by 40 per cent. 'Do'’t take the contraceptive pill if you have a strong family history as the drug has been linked to an increase in risk,' says Dr Anne Trigg, a consultant medical oncologist at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London.

Mammograms are not effective for women under the age of 50 as the breast tissue is still too dense. If there have been isolated incidents of breast cancer in the family, you can always consult your GP for an examination. 'Aside from lumps, they are looking for areas of the breast that feel subtly different from the rest  limpness, a harder area or a breast that feels more granular,' explains Mr Richard Sainsbury, consultant breast cancer surgeon.

Unexplained tiredness can be early symptoms of the disease. 'It's not necessary to do constant self-examinations,' says Mr Sainsbury. 'But be aware of any changes – particularly heaviness, distortions, or a change in size or shape.'

'Inflammatory breast cancer, which accounts for between one and five per cent of breast- cancer cases, can make the skin red and swollen, but it is often misdiagnosed as cellulite or a skin infection,' Dr Trigg says. 'Look out for a new and itchy rash around the nipple, discharge from the nipple or any difference in shape and size. It could be normal but always get it checked by your GP. And always check armpits for lumps.'

Dr Trigg says: 'From the age of 30, self-examination should be done once a month, midway through the menstrual cycle.'

Using the pads of the fingers, feel in small circular motions round the breast and then move in smaller concentric circles until you reach the nipples.
Cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side.
Do this lying down, and then feel your breasts while you are standing or sitting.

'In the ten years leading up to the menopause, breast tissue begins to turn to fat and this can cause benign cysts,' adds Mr Sainsbury. 'Cancer can be ruled out by mammogram or biopsy. See your GP, who will refer you to a specialist.' Be familiar with the appearance of your breasts, checking that they are their usual shape, size and colour and appear symmetrical.

At present women of 50 are called for a three-yearly mammogram through the NHS screening programme. But Prof Evans says: 'A third of breast cancers are picked up in the three years between mammograms.'

Self-examination is vital after the age of 50 when breasts may look different. A loss of volume can cause dimpling in the skin and as this can also be a sign of breast cancer, get it checked.
Prof Evans tells menopausal women with a family history to avoid hormone-replacement therapy as artificially raising hormone levels can increase risk of breast cancer. The hormone oestrogen, which can drive some forms of breast cancer, is produced by fatty tissue. So the fatter you are, the bigger the risk.

Screening stops at the age of 70. If women wish to continue, then they can request it, explains Barr. He says: 'By the age of 80 any lump is likely to be breast cancer. Women should be aware of any changes.'


Can You Get Hooked on Diet Soda?

Lead writer: Denise Mann

First thing every morning, Ellen Talles starts her day by draining a supersize Styrofoam cup filled with Diet Coke and crushed ice. The 61-year-old from Boca Raton, Fla., drinks another Diet Coke in the car on the way to work and keeps a glass nearby "at all times" at her job as a salesclerk. By the end of the day she has put away about 2 liters.

"I just love it," she says. "I crave it, need it. My food tastes better with it."

Talles sounds a lot like an addict. Replace her ever-present glass of Diet Coke with a cigarette, and she'd make a convincing two-pack-a-day smoker. In fact, she says, she buys her 2-liter bottles 10 at a time-more if a hurricane is in the offing-because if she notices she's down to her last one, she panics "like somebody who doesn't have their pack of cigarettes."

Most diet-soda drinkers aren't as gung ho as Talles, but people who down several diet sodas per day are hardly rare. Government surveys have found that people who drink diet beverages average more than 26 ounces per day (some drink far more) and that 3% of diet-soda drinkers have at least four daily.

Are these diet-soda fiends true addicts? And if so, what are they addicted to? The most obvious answer is caffeine-but that doesn't explain the many die-hard diet drinkers who prefer caffeine-free varieties.

Factors besides caffeine are likely at work. Although diet soda clearly isn't as addictive as a drug like nicotine, experts say the rituals that surround diet soda and the artificial sweeteners it contains can make some people psychologically-and even physically-dependent on it in ways that mimic more serious addictions. And unlike sugared soda, which will make you gain weight if you drink too much of it, zero-calorie soda doesn't seem to have an immediate downside that prevents people from overindulging.

"You think, 'Oh, I can drink another one because I'm not getting more calories,'" says Harold C. Urschel, MD, an addiction psychiatrist in Dallas and the author of Healing the Addicted Brain. "Psychologically you're giving yourself permission."

How diet soda trains your brain
The simplest explanation for a serious diet-soda habit is caffeine. Many people who chain-drink diet soda may be caffeine addicts who simply prefer soda to coffee or energy drinks, though diet soda doesn't provide much of a kick by comparison. (A can of Diet Coke contains four to five times less caffeine than a small Starbucks coffee.)

Caffeine can't account for Steve Bagi's habit, however. The 44-year-old graphic designer from Chester Springs, Pa., gets his morning buzz from an enormous cup of coffee, yet he still buys caffeine-free Diet Pepsi by the case and downs six cans a day, "easy."

His Diet Pepsi cravings stem from a prior addiction to nicotine, not caffeine. "It's all tied to smoking," says Bagi, who smoked a pack a day for 20 years and started drinking diet soda to mask the aftertaste of cigarettes. He eventually kicked the smoking habit-but the Diet Pepsi one stuck.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Spring Allergies in Children

After the winter season coming of spring and revival of nature change with the seasons people unaware; in spring sneezing, nasal and eye discharges that spring is starting against the complaints of allergies.

With the arrival of the coming of spring against the increasing cases of allergy Aydin Governorship Provincial Directorate of Health in a statement, "When spring comes pollen increases. This month, the grass, grass, flowers and trees, flower-ins with the pollen is emitted into the atmosphere. Features windy weather and windy days after the distribution of pollen into the air for more complaints increases. Some ornamental plants, pollen from flowers in the air is heavy with the way. These moments of the bee, and insects. Allergic rhinitis is the most typical form of allergy seen in spring. Substances that cause allergic reactions in our bodies "allergen" is called. Allergens in the nose, is a favorite tool of biochemical reactions, one of which is histamine, which cause secretions, "the statement said.


Given in cases of allergic rhinitis in a statement, "Allergic rhinitis (hay fever); allergens with airway lining the inside of the nose and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, called the tissue sticking. Allergic rhinitis, often lifelong, but azalabilen the severity of a disease later in life. Specific seasons (the most buzzing with pollen in the spring), the resulting type is called seasonal allergic rhinitis. 19. Disease was first identified by naming the wrong century "hay fever" was called. This is because the adhesion and the wind dispersion of pollen onto the straw. Later, the disease was determined to be related to pollen. Pollens outside the house dust, animal dander, mold, fungus, chemicals, chlorine, detergents, and air pollution can make allergies. All types of allergic rhinitis, lasting for a year and called perenial rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an extremely serious disease, although there may offend people, sleeping, eating and living the way adversely affect the school and leads to loss of labor. Urban life has increased the incidence of allergic diseases. Environmental pollution is thought to play a role in that "the statements were included.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Know that you are healthy

Life-saving 10 TIP

College Hospital in London, a survey by the Institute for Science of Aging, our bodies full 10 tips that will save lives, revealed to us.

Signed by many who study in healthy living; College Hospital in London Gerontology (the science of aging), Professor at the Institute conducts research. Dr. Robert Bale, "even if only the length of your fingertips allows you to get information about your health is actually remarkable. Important details about you with your body, making sure to protect your health, "he says, and adds:" Your body, without your awareness is the most important clues about your health."

Prof. According to Bale, the tab to the eyes, body, everything is up to the palm of one kilogram of birth indicator. So by doing a test able to understand how healthy we are. Ballet "Request 16 tips to save your life," says the test say:


Look carefully at your fingernails. If you or a light blue color, If you see a bruise may mean that you are faced with heart disease. The nails are too thick to have bumps on them, or even lung and breathing problems that you may face.

2. A breathtaking

If you are giving up to 15 times, and under the breath of healthy lungs to breathe 25 times if you have the means ... If you should note that the time for your health.

3. Eyes

Look in the mirror to one of your eyes. If you have a circle of white around the iris of high cholesterol level means. This is the same as the biggest harbinger of impending heart problems.

4. See the palm of your hand

Look carefully at your palms. If you have a problem with your liver, red.

5. Memory control

Put the tray on top of a random 10 items. Refer just 10 seconds into the tray. Remember how many? Your memory will be a good.

6. Muscle control

Lie on your back. Get your legs straight. Lift a leg into the air. Seek to suppress a person's foot. If your leg falls down, that means a weakness in your muscles.

7. appearance

Place a ruler on the cheek bone, just below the eye. Then insert the card, a credit card on the top ruler measure the distance from the most casual reading.
What may come as close as your health card look good means that you can read comfortably.

8. straight walk

A meter-long, draw a line somewhere. Comfortable on the break, you walk in, your body will be committing good coordination.

9. pulse control

Blows, the longer it will live up to what your heart rate is slow. In other words, your heart rate is below 70 means that are healthy.

10. finger length

People with the same length and ring fingers are pointing higher risk of heart attack.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chocolate Diet

Breakfast: 1 teaspoon peanut butter
1 slice whole wheat or rye bread
Up to 2 profit per preferred cheese tomato, cucumber, green pepper

Lunch: 1 serving is 1 cup of chicken skewers or grilled chicken breast salad with low-fat buttermilk

Afternoon: 4-5 pieces 1 small chocolate bar or a small ball of chocolate or 1 cup chocolate pudding

Dinner: 4-5 tablespoons olive oil, vegetables, whole wheat or rye bread with 1 slice low-fat salad dinner

Search: 1 cup chocolate milk 1 piece of fruit preferred

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Diet Employee's

Which is designed for people working in this diet, contains a total of 1280 calories. Before starting the diet, dressed in the morning on an empty stomach weighing. Record your measurements in a body where you specify the help of a tape measure. Also, before starting a diet or a diet specialist do not forget to consult your doctor. If you apply the same people working in diet, a month, you can lose weight is approximately 4.6.

1. Day:

Breakfast: Unsweetened tea
30 grams of white cheese
25 grams wholemeal bread
and tomato salad
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit (except bananas)
Lunch: 2 scrambled egg prepared
25 grams light bread and salad
Hour 16: 100 grams of fruit
Dinner: 200 grams of grilled chicken
1 cup fat-free salad

2. Day:

Breakfast: Unsweetened tea with lemon
1 thin slice of salami
25 grams of bread
tomato and cucumber
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit
Lunch: half cup fat-free returns
1 cup buttermilk and salad
Hour 16: 100 grams of fruit
Dinner: 200 grams beef
low-fat salad

3. Day:

Breakfast: Sugar-free lemon lime
1 piece of toast and fat-free salad
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit
Lunch: 3 pieces of grilled sausage
½ boiled potatoes and salad
Hour 16: 100 grams of fruit
Dinner: Fish (preparation free)
2 pieces of candy the size of a matchbox

4. Day:

Breakfast: 250 grams of milk light
100 grams of fruit
1 slice of bread
Hour 10: 1 / 4 bagel
Lunch: 150 grams grilled meatballs
1 portion of eggplant salad
25 grams light bread and salad
Hour 16: 100 grams of fruit
Dinner: Fruit salad, free-

5. Day:

Breakfast: Unsweetened tea
25 grams wholemeal bread
30 grams of cheese
1 tomato and cucumber
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit
Lunch: 1 / 2 pizza
1 cup buttermilk and salad
Hour 16: 1 glass of fruit juice
4 x diet biscuits
Evening: 4 pen chops
1 artichokes with olive oil
1 slice light bread and salad

6. Day:

Kapvaltı: 1 glass of fruit juice
1 piece pastry
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit
Lunch: 400 grams light yoghurt
25 grams wholemeal bread
200 grams of boiled carrots
Hour 16: 100 grams of fruit
Dinner: Mixed grill, free
Low-fat salad

7. Day:
Breakfast: Unsweetened tea
2 pieces grilled sausage
1 slice wholemeal bread
and tomato salad
Hour 10: 100 grams of fruit
Lunch: 1 serving of tuna sandwich
1 cup buttermilk
Hour 16: 1 / 2 corn
Dinner: 180 grams of beef gravy
100 grams of boiled potatoes and mushrooms
1 serving of low-fat salad

You want a diet of soup and green leafy vegetables can add the drained oil. To save time, ready to take advantage of frozen vegetables.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exercises by Age


Get your accouchement to move to and for 60 account every day. Our accouchement charge to accomplish concrete action a day for at atomic 60 minutes. Their bodies, these activities yield shape, the ashen arrangement to be added able and makes it attending healthy. Beneath concrete action than accouchement with poor amusing relationships and bookish careers would be lower.


1 - All ancestors associates can do calm and adopt sports will enjoy.

2 - Anniversary week, accomplishing an action in which the administration of action in baddest elect.

3 - Mountain biking, the best action in the family, anniversary affiliate can do jointly.


3-4 times a anniversary to do is 1 hour altered from added studies of exercise acuteness is acceptable for you.

Alternative best of sports, sports hall, swimming, tennis or alive in the mid-tempo. During this period, your metabolism is alive faster, and usually do not accept abundant weight problems in this age range. Of course, this does not beggarly you're accomplishing no best reside in the approaching weight problems than for him to be advantageous and abstain problems in approaching years as able-bodied as we should not carelessness to do for the sport.

25 to 35 YEARS OLD

A minimum of 4 times per anniversary 30 'ar account should do the altered densities of altered aerobic exercises.

Studies accept apparent that, for those over 25 years of aerobic exercise accommodation has been abbreviating 1-2% a year. This agency that your affection has to plan harder and accomplishing circadian activities (eg, bus to plan to bolt up, run, ascend stairs, etc..).

After 30 years of age the physique produces beneath hormones were getting accident of physique tissue food added fat. Weight control, cardiovascular (heart related) exercise provides added spending power. This blazon of exercise increases the claret breeze amount by alteration the backbone of your affection and your lungs to affection ache and protects adjoin weight gain. Therefore, the a lot of adapted exercises, walking, running, may be. These contest may aswell access cartilage physique they provide.

Fitness to plan with ablaze weights, again you will airing 40 account a day (chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and abdomen) is suitable.

With an anniversary planning exercise, and weight ascendancy cachet should be implemented and chip into our circadian lives.


Before you actualize an exercise affairs that you are physically alive Admeasurement how much. In adjustment to accommodate you with a astute angle needs to be done afore you get a pedometer. This apparatus can calculation the accomplish you took your lower aback throughout the day by installing a. Save the circadian 10,000 accomplish in the accomplish you took during the day and absorb the effort. Do not agitation if you can not complete the circadian 10,000 steps. Try to ability 10,000 accomplish anniversary day accretion in assertive proportions.

30 'lu years, women age they lose beef accumulation and fat accumulation access in the amount of 140-170 g/5-6 appointment with. If no activity, and exercise until the age of 39 unless you accept absent the accumulation of abeyant agency to accretion beef accumulation rather than fat mass. Your metabolism to apathetic down in advancing years will advance to fat accumulation accretion may predispose.

From 7,000 to 10,000 circadian accomplish in a aggregation is a acceptable exercise and it is advantageous to advance cartilage density, complete with physique exercises.

Continually traveling from one abode to accept to walk, not drive as abundant as possible.

Remember, you alone accept a physique to be advantageous and try to assure him.

45 to 55 YEARS OLD

Prepare a plan of exercise and concrete action you can do afore noon. According to analysis afore you exercise in the afternoon compared to 75% added absolute after-effects has been done in the afternoon.

40 'of the abstraction of health-related laws, and added weight accretion occurs with age is supported. Metabolic syndrome, disorders that access the accident of developing abiding diseases, a abstraction that came together. These irregularities in the claret fat level, HDL (good cholesterol), top claret pressure, claret amoroso and insulin includes a high. Width of the waist ambit is a able indicator for these risks. 94 cm for men beyond adumbration of the accident waist circumference. 80 cm for women, this admeasurement is.

Women aswell can accretion this acquaintance by authoritative hormone levels in pre-menopausal. For men, the akin of the hormone testosterone can advice to physique muscles, although the proteins that accomplish up 20% afterwards 50 years of age to in recorded austere declines.

Aerobic movements after too abundant adversity with walking, joging, contest such as cycling and pond 5 canicule a anniversary 30 'R-minute sessions can be done in case.

Swimming coach, abnormally a actual acceptable cardiovascular and weight-loss aids, but can aswell advance to cartilage density. This aftereffect is important for the ages.

55 to 65 YEARS OLD

At this age the weight accustomed contest on a circadian base can be done in affiliation with concrete activity.

Menopause for women to be with the greatest concrete change and its furnishings are accomplished as a absolute or indirect. Afterwards menopause (average age 52) is about 66% women, estrogen, testosterone, and the amount of 50-60% to 1-2% depending on them are accountable to accident of cartilage density. Estrogen, testosterone levels abatement added rapidly access the admeasurement of physique fat in women, and these oils are primarily acquired by the accumulating basin and mid-lumbar regions. All of these changes in cardiovascular risks faced by women during menopause leave forward.

Osteoporosis in both men and women, a cartilage ache that causes the anamorphosis of the bones. Abnormally in the basic of the hip and wrist, would cede it added brittle and sloping. One of every two women over 50 years of age and a cartilage breach due to osteoporosis are faced with throughout his life. Males are afflicted only. Exercise plays an alive role in the action osteoporosis, abnormally in the weight work.

Impact contest 40 times a day to accept him jump, baby all-overs makes a absolute appulse for cartilage density.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tile and grout cleaning: Some home based cleaning ideas

Cleaning tile grout is one of the most cumbersome tasks of all types of cleaning, as the grout between the tiles get grimy with the passage of time. Be it your bathroom or your kitchen, the grout gets dirty with back splashes and cooking heat. Mold also causes the grout lines look filthy. The cleaner that you have bought from the departmental store must not harm your family, pets and the colored grout.

Green cleaning is the need of the hour. Many professional cleaners London take the responsibility of green cleaning your home, by using natural cleaning products. But extravagance is always bad, especially when you can do a specific task DIY. You can save on cleaning tile and grout by using some home made cleaning recipes. Here are a few tips to do tile and grout cleaning DIY.

Clean grout increases life of tiled floor

Grout is filled in around the tiles in your living area, bathroom and kitchen. A clean grout not only enhances beauty of your home, but also increases the life of tiles. Clean grout lasts longer, helping you save a lot of money on repair work a few years hence.

Grout cleaning tips

Oxygen bleach
No doubt using powdered oxygen bleach goes against the green movement that we all are following in whatever we do, but it does not produce harsh fumes unlike commercial cleaners. The stain molecules are broken down in small pieces with a little effort with the help of oxygen ions present in the bleach. Mix the bleach with warm water and stir for a while. Pour the solution on the grout lines, when they are dry. Let the solution sit on the grout for up to three hours, so that the stains are removed with little scrubbing afterwards. By mere adding oxygen bleach to the mop water on a daily basis, it becomes easy to clean the light dirt in the grout without even scrubbing.

Tile and grout cleaning equipment

You can always buy equipment, supplies and cleaning tools for cleaning and restoration of tile and grouted floors. These equipments include cylindrical brush scrubbers, corner spinner tools, and tile and grout cleaning brushes.

Grout re-coloring

Grout allows dirt and grime to trap below the surface. Sometimes when dirty grout becomes almost impossible to clean by using home based remedies, you must try sealing and grout re-coloring methods, which are available in abundance.

On daily basis you can prevent your tiles from becoming dirty by cleaning them with a soapy water and a brush. Though there are other cleaning options like, a tile scrubbing machine, but nothing is as effective as getting down on your hands and knees to clean the tiles.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weight Loss Diet Nutrition extract

Weight Loss Diet Nutrition extract

Nutrients to 'decouple' the abstraction of convenance ambience out the diet, maybe even as abounding of you know, Michel. Unless you accomplish sacrifices, and to abate the aftertaste of aperture in this way, the aliment is classified. Energy that proteins, fats glusitler and energetic, not vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fibers and baptize are not taken at the aforementioned time. According to the diet affairs will accord here, you can lose weight in two weeks at atomic 7-8.

1. Day

A allotment of watermelon and a allotment of aliment in the morning light
200 grams ablaze yoghurt and bloom cafeteria (desired amount)
Potato bloom Dinner: 150 grams of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, onion, and who able accepted diesel.
Night Cacık; 200 grams ablaze yoghurt and cucumber fabricated one.

2. Day

Morning tea or lime, augment omelette, two egg whites and egg yolks in a pan with the fat-free Teflon
Light cafeteria and a allotment of bread, 250 grams of watermelon
Dinner 200 grams of steak, angle or craven breast with salad
Two nights cucumber

3. Day

250 grams of watermelon and a allotment of aliment in the morning light
Lunch Bloom and cheese omelette, 30 grams of white cheese, fabricated with craven of an egg and two egg whites
Dinner Salad, ablaze bread, olive oil, beans, a tablespoon of vegetable oil was able using
Night Cacık; 200 grams ablaze yoghurt and a section fabricated of cucumber

4. Day

Morning tea or lime, 60 grams of white cheese, tomato, cucumber and pepper
Lunch poached egg, two egg whites and egg yolks and 200 grams of a ablaze yogurt can be prepared.
Dinner Bloom and 200 grams craven breast or steak sauteed (peppers and onions can be added)

5. Day

Morning tea or lime, as requested broiled peppers, cucumber and a allotment of broiled white bread
Lunch 200 grams of fish, craven breast or steak salad
Dinner salad, fat-free affectionate of vegetables in the oven or casserole, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, blooming beans, tomatoes, peppers and onions available.
250 g of the night. watermelon

6. Day

Morning tea or lime, 60 grams of a matchbox to the admeasurement of two white cheese, tomato, cucumber and pepper
Light cafeteria and a allotment of bread, 250 grams of watermelon
Roasted eggplant bloom and a allotment of the black ablaze aliment abrade until
Cacık night, abutting to 200 grams of yogurt and a section fabricated of cucumber

7. Day

Morning tea or lime, two above eggs
Sauteed Mushrooms Lunch, bloom and a allotment of ablaze bread
Evening ablaze 250 grams of bread, a allotment of watermelon
Night Cacık; 200 grams ablaze yoghurt and a section fabricated of cucumber

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rob and Kristen will plan calm again! sarah burgoyne bristol

A allure with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson unbearable. We all apperceive it, but Breaking Dawn is the best amusing moments occurred during the filming of some of the amusement (Bella's "human moments" of Imagine). Part 1 of Breaking Dawn, Rob and Kristen at a columnist appointment 'I can see maybe a adventurous ball calm again, if we had an account for randomized. sarah burgoyne bristol

Bella and Edward spent 4 years as a thrill, then, ability be nice to watch them calm on something different, not? Here is said about this idea:

''Him [Rob] I'm dying to plan again.''Kristen said that we yield up the abstraction of ​​a adventurous comedy. I would like to''completely.''

Trust us, you watch blur you will accept the abstraction of ​​releasing the basis could cause minds.

Rob 'including the game:''I would like to be happy.''Pattinson, Celebuzz' s Kristen 'responded to the catechism of la may be a romantic. ''I would like to absolutely plan with him afresh (except Twilight)''

Immerse yourself in this thought, added than mine, so far, annihilation in this business were not disclosed.

Stop flirting you two! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can't accumulate their easily off anniversary added at duke and bottom book ceremony

They accumulate their accord acutely clandestine and rarely allege about the other.

But Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson put on an affectionate affectation in foreground of the cameras today.

The allure amid the brace was on appearance for all to see as they took allotment in the duke and bottom prints commemoration at Graumans Theatre beforehand today.

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