Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Causes of Intercourse

Intercourse define the reasons as follows;

-Physical causes
Psychological reasons

A-I could not enter the relationship;

1-real sense, those who have physical:% 1 is the

- A thick hymen
- Vaginal stenosis, abnormal
- The entrance to the vagina painful wound, etc.
- The absence of the vagina

2-Once upon a time is an issue that physical therapy appointment on ettirip InDesign is the fear of it do not take the relationship: 1% - as much as 0.5

99% do not take the relationship because of fears based 3-Psychological

Due to a family and upbringing style
-Fear of losing hymen
-Shameful, forbidden event, filthy, sin
-The teaching of dishonesty
-Our daughter-confidence does not
Fear of pregnancy-abortion-
Fear of-pregnancy-birth pain?

b-have you heard, because what you see and think of
Hymen, a very hurt-
Blood flow in-
I crumble at the grass-
Can not sit for days come to an end-
In-films of rape, the first relationship
-The women themselves
exaggerating the conversations

c-physical or verbal sexual harassment and rape

B-is-more before the sexual life sexual intercourse have problems
-Birth or abortion issue
As a result of rape, sexual harassment or sex-scared, do not take the relationship to leave.

No matter what the problem is solvable,

a physical relationship, if for some reason it fails is for the surgery or treatment,

Treatment consists of fear and concern than the problem called vaginismus is a simple and easy first thing to do is to refer to a specialist.

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