Saturday, July 30, 2011

Obese children from their families

David Ludwig of America: The critical borderline obese children springing from their families aspirations to discuss

Children's Hospital in Boston who served United States of America Dr David Ludwig in America Medicine, wrote the journal article stirred up a row.

Obesity is a serious disease in the United States and growing every day as it is known, in case of illness. And every day that are also taking new measures may be taken against obesity.

D. Ludwig wrote in the journal American Medicine article stating that the United State a large number of obese children has included the following words: task of the state will have to help obese children. Rarely seen a solution to get the children from their homes "he said.

This promises to American and then saw their colleagues as well as families react. Arising from having to make explanations D. Ludwig, I'm just exhausted all the remedies I wanted to draw attention to the training halls of residence may be the last address. "he said.

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