Thursday, July 21, 2011


This question remains a subject of debate among scientists, social scientist and mental. Of course, every human being is a "how many, or Fight" is the mechanism. This mechanism is concerned, we feel anger people or cause physical changes in the body prepares to flee or fight. This issue focuses on two points in the discussion. First, the innate human instinct of aggression and just have a spontaneous, or only when you receive a warning which is very active and "learning" there is a reaction gained through?

However the view on this issue and to discuss any definitive conclusion is not possible to prove.

Some scientists regard this animal as an example. Animals have to be aggressive to survive and defend their territory. According to those who defend this view, people can show the moment for reasons of aggression. Aggressiveness leads to disqualification of the weak, prevents the extinction of species.

Be assumed by freud in psychoanalysis, such as in the opinion, even if the innate human instinct of aggression and guilt feelings of disenchantment resulting from the purely negative attribute. It is possible to redirect the incentive to aggression. Indeed, experiments on children are displaying aggressive tendencies after watching violence on TV has proved. Suggest that it is possible not be aggressive in controlling this phenomenon.

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