Friday, June 17, 2011

Quantity impossible

80 percent of women during the premenstrual period pieces and many troublesome.

Fortunately, medicine, women purposes only delay finding a cure for every problem. Some birth control methods and women and provides protection, as well as they know that could reduce the number or pieces.

Prof. Dr. Teksen Camlibel, 'than to women opt if you want to say, they think it is contrary to nature. But this is not medically dangerous situation. Enough that it be known contrary to nature But this is not medically dangerous situation. Enough that it be known that a simple event which is irreversible, he says.

Camlibel, some of the protection they provide women with birth control methods, as well as the number of units, survivors say they know of these methods suggests RIS.
Prof. Dr Women, 99.8 percent of the tubes connecting with RIS Camlibel comparable effective rate of protection provides protection and comfort of one of life offers you saying that conveys the following:

T-shaped plastic object placed into the uterus, very low-dose hormone-releasing up to five years in providing effective providing effection. It thin membrane, which acts on the uterine membrane. 3 to 6 weeks after the removal of RIS in the rituals begin. RIS, prevents anemia, to reduce menstruation too.

Quantity complaints: PMS and dysmenorrhea

Adversely affect the daily lives of women, 34 percent of complaints of severe PMS, 37 percent of the moderate live. Gland hormone secreted by the uterus during the prostatectomy, depending on which pieces of a very effective pain (dysmenorrhoea), finds 61 percent and the proportion each time. In addition, nausea, vomiting, bowel movements, chills, fever, palpitations, as can be observed in some of the complaints.

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