Monday, June 13, 2011

How long time should be taken with weight loss pills

Some doctors thought that according to his habit of pills patients. And only 12 week to 16 weeks is presented between the use is approved. However, some doctor in a serious long term use of over-weight problem for confirm, These drugs are usually used in case of disease, namely obesity, excessive weight gain. More serious is a disease requiring treatment and there are various treatment methods.

A lot of long term use of these drugs if a doctor finds dangerous. Some people with weight problems for years living in low calorie diet to maintain weight loss is very difficult to apply. Appetite suppressant drugs should be dropped because it is left to start gaining weight again. This situation is due after they consumed more calories from energy. Breakers can be used under medical supervision to prevent this, at intervals of appetite.

Heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure and depression in patients using drugs is not recommended to use slimming pills.

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