Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ideal Weight and haw to Account

Account the many programs on the Internet, as well as being an ideal weight, ideal weight calculation has a number of different formula. There are a lot of weight calculation ideal weight rules or programs based on the formulates the ideal weight plan.

  • Always be applied frequently used simple formula has always been the Following:
  • Ideal Weight By height Age how calculated? 150 removed.
  • Found 100 is added to the figure four, divided by the number ediolen.
  • This figure is the ideal height and weight According to Livingston Out How Calculated? According to Calculated from age edilen How ideal Weight? result indicated that the person is an ideal weight.
Roles value of few pounds lower than those for women.

For Example:
  • Height 1.78 cm. Let's take a man.
  • First 178 to 150 = 28 of the find.
  • 7 It is split into four.
  • 100 add (100 + 7 = 107) across subtract (178-107) gives the ideal weight
  • 71 kg.
  • Here, this value is 10 percent (7 kg) exceeded obesity is entered into. In other words, How to Live By Calculated Ideal Weight? 1.78 cm in length. Considered a man of 78 is obese weight.
  • In recent years, by age, height age Calculated Ideal Weight How? sex, and body structure (by smaller age Ideal Weight How Calculated? medium or large) by Ideal Weight How Calculated according to age? showing the Rules of the ideal body weight have been developed.

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