Friday, January 13, 2012

Affects Women Differently Than Man

Recent research has shown that the effects of alcohol have some significant difference on women when compared to men.

Some of the physical effects noted had been dead women become addicted and develop illnesses that are related to alcohol at a much higher rate. These include: malnutrition, anemia, liver damage, hypertension, ulcers, heart damage, and brain damage. It has also shown to be true that women who drink heavily developed cirrhosis of the liver earlier on in their drinking and with lesser levels of alcohol consumed, when compared to men.

One study followed 100 women and discovered that 11 years after they had been put in the hospital for alcoholism discovered that fully one third of them had died. Causes of death were, in the name, alcohol related diseases, accidents, and violence. The lifespans of this group of women averaged 15 years lower than the average population.

Drinking heavily can also alter a woman's endocrine system leading to irregularities of the menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, ( which is the absence of menstrual cycles), early menopause, and infertility. These endocrine system defects can occur in any age including the teen years.

In general, heavy drinking or alcoholism has significant impact on a woman's physical body.

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