Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tile and grout cleaning: Some home based cleaning ideas

Cleaning tile grout is one of the most cumbersome tasks of all types of cleaning, as the grout between the tiles get grimy with the passage of time. Be it your bathroom or your kitchen, the grout gets dirty with back splashes and cooking heat. Mold also causes the grout lines look filthy. The cleaner that you have bought from the departmental store must not harm your family, pets and the colored grout.

Green cleaning is the need of the hour. Many professional cleaners London take the responsibility of green cleaning your home, by using natural cleaning products. But extravagance is always bad, especially when you can do a specific task DIY. You can save on cleaning tile and grout by using some home made cleaning recipes. Here are a few tips to do tile and grout cleaning DIY.

Clean grout increases life of tiled floor

Grout is filled in around the tiles in your living area, bathroom and kitchen. A clean grout not only enhances beauty of your home, but also increases the life of tiles. Clean grout lasts longer, helping you save a lot of money on repair work a few years hence.

Grout cleaning tips

Oxygen bleach
No doubt using powdered oxygen bleach goes against the green movement that we all are following in whatever we do, but it does not produce harsh fumes unlike commercial cleaners. The stain molecules are broken down in small pieces with a little effort with the help of oxygen ions present in the bleach. Mix the bleach with warm water and stir for a while. Pour the solution on the grout lines, when they are dry. Let the solution sit on the grout for up to three hours, so that the stains are removed with little scrubbing afterwards. By mere adding oxygen bleach to the mop water on a daily basis, it becomes easy to clean the light dirt in the grout without even scrubbing.

Tile and grout cleaning equipment

You can always buy equipment, supplies and cleaning tools for cleaning and restoration of tile and grouted floors. These equipments include cylindrical brush scrubbers, corner spinner tools, and tile and grout cleaning brushes.

Grout re-coloring

Grout allows dirt and grime to trap below the surface. Sometimes when dirty grout becomes almost impossible to clean by using home based remedies, you must try sealing and grout re-coloring methods, which are available in abundance.

On daily basis you can prevent your tiles from becoming dirty by cleaning them with a soapy water and a brush. Though there are other cleaning options like, a tile scrubbing machine, but nothing is as effective as getting down on your hands and knees to clean the tiles.

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