Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is vaginismus in short

What is vaginismus short - Involuntary contraction of muscles surrounding the entry of the vagina during sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse whether performed in a state of disorder. Vaginismus is an unconscious woman lives with meaning, is the reaction of the vaginal muscle contraction. Vaginismus, women who live by the level of consciousness that this preference is unwilling and uncomfortable. Sex with women with vaginismus, or can not be controlled outside the vaginal entrance.

The entrance of the vagina with the finger (see Female Sexual Organs), it simply does not contraction is called vaginismus. Shows itself during the first sexual intercourse experience vaginismus. More embryos may arise because of contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina sexual intercourse. A big panic, anxiety and fear experienced. This fear pushed for a partner and close off women's legs tightly.

Very rare injuries, tears in the vagina, the woman's sexual disorders, sexual disorders, and dyspareunia in the organ in such cases for reasons other than as a woman knows herself safe. But other than these is a purely psychological disorder vaginismus. Therapy method of treatment (see Treatment of vaginismus).

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